Sugar Boys

Rys Øfe The Feenickes


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Limited run of 200 c40 chrome plus cassette tapes
Pro-dubbed, black ink pad-printing on soft light grey opaque shells.

all songs recorded live at concerts in Montreal on the following dates:
7/10/13 ("Rys Øfe The Feenickes," at Royal Phoenix)
8/23/11 ("Live at Lesco," at L'escogriffe)
1/19/12 ("Hot Sky," at La Brique)
All in Montreal, Québec, Canada

"Rys Øfe The Feenickes" is from the most recent/last Sugar Boys show
"Live At Lesco" is from the very first Sugar Boys show
Music is love, Sugar Boys is friendship

Cover photo from Royal Phoenix, by Spencer Gilley