Dick Nights


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CD-R / c39 cassette

1. Turkey Bones
2. Sarajevo Preadub
3. Haughty Deb
4. Preston "Great-Ass" Imfat
5. The Lake
6. Tahiti Nui
7. Konig
8. Subtropic Gleme Rock
9. High Roller
10. Seriously
11. Yo A.J.J.Hess
12. Mimi Vari

"Hey .. it's Life again. Time out for a break to recline. This here's what we've been singing for a while, somethings to hum and things to whistle awhile.
It works.. A dozen songs for a dazen hagen friends. Brothers continue to cough it up and within months there's been a still seance. For those who fear the
burn, we promise no safe reason. All of its got to go. We took no for nought. This is partly true. And I can't say enough about this to anyone:
Give me your decade." -Dœs Are