High Rise II

Jesse Hicks, Andy White, Edwin M. White


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High Rise II, cassette (Warded Halls, 2012)

highrisedeux [at] gmail [dot] com



Past Shows
November 29th 2013 - Brooklyn, NY - Fitness w/ Dreamcatcher, United Waters, Eola, Zac Davis, Sadaf

June 7th 2013 - Halifax, NS - The Bus Stop Theatre w/ Tonstartssbandht, Cousins, Walrus
June 5th 2013 - Quebec City, QC - Le sous-sol du Cercle w/ Tonstartssbandht, Mom Jeans

November 9th 2012 - Montreal, QC - La Brique w/ Panopcticon Eyelids, Run DMT, Ami Dang, Walter TV, Planet Hollywood

Sept 19th 2011 - Montreal, QC - The Plant w/ Grand Trine, Holy Cobras, Liquor Store, Hot & Cold, ...

June 25th 2010 - MTL @ La Brique w/ Makeout Videotape, Walter TV, Stereo Hotbox, Tonstartssbandht

March 6th 2010 - Mtl - @ Friendship Cove - as High Rise 2 w/ Makeout Videotape, The Silly Kissers, The Homosexual Cops

January 23rd 2010 - Ottawa, ON - @ blake and matt's house - w/ Black Feelings, Tonstartssbandht, Get a Life Losers, Self Surgery (mem. Total Crush, Bruised Tongue)

October 23rd 2009 - MTL - @ Friendship Cove - w/ Sightings, Thrashed Genes, Panopticon Eyelids, Induced Labor

October 11th 2009 - Providence, RI - @ Waste Not Want Not/ RISD/RUBY SCOOPS house on Benefit st. - Tonstartssbandht, Cool World, Roofio and the Lost Boys

September 17th 2009 -MTL - @ Casa del Popolo - Black Mammoth, Velvet Chrome, Dirty Beaches

june 20th 2009 - ((HIGH RISE II - first show))- Montreal, Qc. - east island house party